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R&P Pg 36: Judges may accept gifts under a retail value of $20.00.

Blank Heat Sheet
refer to R&P pg 102 concerning open scoring and Technical Committee Minutes, Oct. 2014 concerning use of heat sheets.

R&P updated 3-12-2015

Optionals Updates

Revised Level 6-8 Cheat Sheet (12-2014)

New Optional errata and Code of Points pages 12-23-2014

Updates from USA Gymnastics: read more
Bars replacement page
JO Requirements for Levels 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Appendix 14(Revised 3/03/15)
2013-17 Code of Points Errata
2013-21 JO Compulsory & Optional 2013 Flip Book errata

Compulsory Updates

Women's Compulsory Program updated version (1-22-15) available for Mobile Devices: click here

2013-21 J.O. Compulsories - Updated errata and new revised pages (12/23/14)

JUDGES: Compulsories are closed scoring - please only put the average score on the gymnasts card. You need to put both scores and the average on the heat sheet. (Invitationals can determine if they want scores on the cards.)

Xcel Updates

WA XCEL updates

4-7-15 Additional updates to Xcel Code of Points read more

Xcel FAQ
from USA Gymnastics - updated 2/25/15 - this FAQ has not been updated in the electronic version the Xcel Code

Xcel updates from WA rep Jan Urfer

New Xcel info from Dianne Palmer read more

Xcel Uneven Bars Cast Clarification - Dianne Palmer/Jan Urfer 3-11-15

XCEL Floor - Order Matters

Xcel Additional "A" Skill Charts - updated March 2015


National NAWGJ Board Meeting Minutes Montgomery, Alabama, Jan 10, 2015

National Technical Committee minutes from Oct. 24-26, 2014

Women’s Program Committee Minutes, August 23, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA

Women’s Administrative Committee Meeting, August 22, 2014

National Xcel Committee Meeting 8/22/14, Pittsburgh, PA.

Xcel Committee Meeting Minutes 5/29/14

Joint Meeting Junior Olympic and Tech Comm Minutes May 2014

Women's Technical Committie Meeting Minutes: Nov. 1-3, 2013

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Background Check Q&A

R&P Coaches and Judges Specific Responsibilities

USAG Washington State Awards Winners

USAG WA Hall of Fame Inductees

USAG WA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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APRIL 17, 2015


Our Level 8 WA State Team - WINNERS of the Region 2 State Challenge!
Anna Parchman- ECG: Tali Joelson -Cascade Elite: Kira McKey-Cascade Elite: Madeline Hunt-ECG: Olivia Hartzell-ECG: Lauren Quane-ECG: Jordan Rothkowitz-ECG: Aprilla Howick-Metropolitan

CONGRATS WA Region 2 Champions: (Will update as the sessions finish...)

L. 9 SR 1: Kennedy Cribbs, NWGym: AAt, FXt, UB, BB
L. 9 SR 2: Donna Webster, CEG; AA
Lily Gunning, FGC; FXt
L. 9 SR 3: Kim Kramers, SGA: AA, FX, BB
Naleia Gomes, Metropolitan: VT
L. 9 SR 4: Margot Mead, Metropolitan: VT, FX
L. 9 SR 5: Maykayla Waggoner, BHG: VT
L. 9 SR 6: Breanna Couts, Crystals: VT

L. 9 JR 1: Mya Lauzon, Metropolitan: AA, VT, BB, FX
Karlei Shearer, AGC: UB
L. 9 JR 2: Amanda Zeng, Gym E: AA, VT, UB, BB
Hannah Sangwin, CEG: FX
L. 9 JR 3: Emilie Henningsen, CEG; AA, UBt, BB, FX
Maison Turner, AGC: VT
L. 9 JR 4: Brooke Donabedian, NAY: AA, UB, FX
Bailey McCabe, AGC, VTt
L. 9 JR 5: Natlie Reid, CEG: AA,UB, BB, FX
L. 9 JR 6: Alina Helbling, NWGym: FX
L. 9 JR 7: Emily Yang, AGC: AA, VT, UB, BB, FX (Awesome!)
L. 9 JR 8: Nikki Kwaske AGC: AA, VT, UB, BB
Alyssa Hatch AGC: BB

L 10 JR A: Grace Johnson, ECG: AA, BB, FX
Kaeli Cunningham, CEG: UB
L 10 JR B:
Jaime Fields, Garland's: AA, VT
L 10 JR C:
Kristina Peterson, Metropolitan: BB
Samantha Smith, AGC: FX
L 10 JR D:
Geneva Thompson, Metropolitan: AA, VT, UB, BB, FX (Great job!)
L 10 SR A:
Sienna Brane, CEG: BB
L 10 SR B:
Evanni Roberson, ECG: AAt, VT, UB
Lillie Minor, NAY: FX
L 10 SR C:
Kendall Watts, AGC: UB, FX
Malia Mackey, CEG: BB
Haley Roy, AGC, VT
L 10 SR D:
Mary Jacobsen, ECG: AA, UB, BB
Lauren Schmeiss-Tossey, CEGW: VT
Maryanna Peterson, Metropolitan: FX

L 8 JR A: Madeline Hunt, EGC: AA, BB, FX
Jordan Rothkowitz, ECG: UBt
L 8 JR B: Olivia Hartzell, ECG: BB
Ariana Martinez, AGC: FX
L 8 CH A: Kira McKey, CEG: AA VT
Ellie Weaver, NAY: BB
L 8 CH B: Lauren Quane, ECG: AA, UBt, FX
Amaya Rosevear, ECG: BB
L 8 SR A: Abigail Mandella, ECG: AA, BB
Mathilda Smith, ECG: FX
L 8 SR B:

Our condolences to the family and friends of Genie McElroy on her gentle passing in her sleep Tuesday at her home in Salem, OR. She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved her.

NCAA Nationals - Fort Worth Convention Center Arena, April 17-19, will have a number of WA gymnasts participating. Congrats to Boise gymnast, Kelsey Morris, former LEGA gymnast who qualified as an AA. Utah has Haley Lange and Baely Rowe, AGC former gymnasts.

Congrats to SPU, 3rd place at Nationals - Maria Hundley earns another two National titles. read more

Great article on Coach Laurel Tindal - 40 years as SPU head coach. article

Congrats to everyone on the Optional State Meet! Results

3-19-15 Interesting article (and website): The Enemy of Excellence in Youth Sports

3-18-15 PAC RIM Championships 2016 returns to Everett, WA April 8-10, 2016

USA Gymnastics How to Guide for Becoming a Gymnastics Judge

Tentative test dates and Revised Test dates:
*Region 2 NAWGJ Symposium (in conjunction with Congress) June, Portland. Date and Time TBD.
*USAG WA State Clinic, July, Redmond - Connie Maloney will be offering testing. Sunday, July 12, 9:30 am.

*****This is a landing deduction....it is a stuck landing but the feet are hip width apart and therefore up to .1 deduction.

Landing Deductions added at the Joint JO/TC meeting, May 2014
(These meetings are posted on the left, down under Minutes):
"Clarification: When considering the new landing deductions for vault and dismounts on Bars and Beam that were added August 1, 2014:
Landing with feet more than hip-width apart 0.10
Landing with feet staggered Up to 0.10
Landing with feet hip-width (or less) apart and fails to slide heels together Up to 0.10
If a gymnast lands with feet apart or staggered and then continues to take steps, deduct only for the steps. These new deductions are meant to be applied only when the gymnast "sticks" the landing on Vault and Bar/Beam dismounts."

** Joe Rantz, the book The Boys in the Boat and WA coach Jen Huffman:
Anyone who has read the book The Boys in the Boat about the 1936 Olympic Team Gold Medal Rowing Team from the University of Washington, will know that Joe Rantz was number 7 in the 8 man boat. It is a true story of the team and in particular Joe's amazing story.

Click here to read more about Joe, Jen and Gymnastics connection - and see photos

Here is the neat history connection about Joe and gymnastics:
Joe Rantz was on the gymnastics team at Roosevelt High School. He later went on to help the UW win a gold medal in Berlin in the 1936 OIympics. His granddaughter, Jen Huffman coached at Northshore Gymnastics in Woodinville, and has recently started to coach again. Jen put together a scrapbook of her amazing grandfather which became an important part of telling the story of the rowing team.

Jen commented on Joe's gymnastics: "that was what ultimately started him on the path to rowing and Olympic gold... if Al Ulbrickson hadn't come by and given him a business card while he was on the bars in the gym, who knows if he ever would have found the sport?"

This weekend March 8th: The Boys in the Boat: A look behind the scenes PUD Auditorium, Everett, WA read more


Book cover


Jen Huffman (Jen is wearing Joe's rowing medal from UW.)

Joe Rantz, top row, 2nd from right. 1932 Roosevelt HS


Brad Loan (former owner of PSSG and 2006 USAGWA Hall of Fame inductee) and his former WA gymnast Kristina Baskett at Great West Gym Fest. Read more about Kristina and her work in movies such as Divergent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ender's Game.



Coach Casey McGranahan, Leading Edge Gymnastics, has a pet pig - Wilson!




Article on Tammy Sutton Carney, former WA gymnast, current WA coach and owner of DareDevils Activewear read more

Please pray for Marlene Cervantes, Black Hills gymnast - diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), last Friday - and she began chemo on Monday. Please send checks - made out to:
Luis Cervantes,
c/o Black Hills Gymnastics, 7961 A 29th Ave. NW, Lacey, WA, 98516
She will be in the hospital for 8 days, and then the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle for 8-12 months.

NAWGJ 2014 DVD Scripts - for all levels (From National Office.)
Suggestion: Watch Compulsory Floor and Beam routines once through just training yourself to see rights and lefts. Level 3 Beam has reversals and omitting of pivot turns. (Half the element for reversals; omission is twice the value.) Watch Floor for reversal of leaps - that is a .3 deduction.

R&P Chapter 5 Pages 40-41 - Click to read more and to close
USA Gymnastics Judge's Compensation Package

F. Cancellation
2. Failure to comply with the contractual agreement will result in the following:

a. On the Meet Director’s part:
1) A minimum of 14 days’ notice is required for amendments or cancellation of officials. If cancellation of officials occurs less than fourteen days prior to the meet and the officials are not re-assigned to another competition, the Meet Director is responsible for payment of 2 hours honorarium per judge and any non-refundable expenses incurred.

Meet directors don’t have to have the sessions set 14 days out. In most cases, the meet director should know how many judges if he/she will need with just 14 days to go until the event. The meet director can move sessions around as needed inside the 14 day window with no penalty. This applies in the case where the meet director cancels a judge for the entire event or vice versa inside the 14 day window.)

2) Regardless of the timing of the cancellation of the meet, if the judge has purchased a nonrefundable airline ticket, the meet director is responsible for reimbursing the judge for the “change fee” charged by the airlines to use the ticket for a future flight. In order to receive future credit for the cancelled flight, the judge must contact the airlines PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE to cancel the originating flight and must rebook a flight within one year of the DATE OF ISSUE of the original ticket by providing the ticket number. If the ticket is not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, it becomes null and void.

b. On the Judges’ Part
1) If a judge is unable to fulfill a contract due to personal reasons, she is obligated to contact the assignor to determine which officials may still be available and call a proper replacement. If she fails to contact the assignor or does not give a minimum of 14 days’ notice to the assignor and/or the Meet Director, a penalty of 2 hours honorarium and any non-refundable expenses incurred by the Meet Director will be paid to the Meet Director by the judge.

2) Regardless of the timing of the cancellation on the part of the judge, if the Meet Director has purchased a non-refundable airline ticket, the judge is obligated to contact the airlines PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE to cancel the originating flight and to then reimburse the Meet Director for the cost of the ticket. The judge is then able to use the credit (minus a “change fee”) to purchase another airline ticket for themselves within one year from the DATE OF ISSUEof the original ticket by providing the ticket number. If the ticket is not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, it becomes null and void.

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Dealing With Difficult People - Denise's National Symposium Presentation.

Former and Current NAWGJ WA State Governing Board members - please download this form and send to Denise/Lee. email

WASHINGTON GYMNASTICS HISTORY: PLEASE SEND ANY INFORMATION (men's or women's gymnastics) that you feel would be of value to this project to Lee
Or click here to fill out an online form.

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NAWGJ WA - winner of 2009 NAWGJ Nettie Award


Upcoming Events - 2015

Regionals Results

XCEL State Meet info read more

Compulsory Spring State Meet info read more

Westerns information read more
Jr. Age Group Chart
Sr. Age Group Chart

Nationals information read more
Level 10 Regional and Nationals Coaches info and age group charts read more


Tentative test dates and Revised Test dates:
*Region 2 NAWGJ Symposium (in conjunction with Congress) June, Portland. Date and Time TBD.
*USAG WA State Clinic, July, Redmond - Connie Maloney will be offering testing. Sunday, July 12, 9:30 am.
*August -Olympia area if needed.

Upcoming Clinics

REGION 2 NAWGJ SYMPOSIUM / USA Gymnastics CONGRESS hotel info read more

WA State Clinic July 10-12, 2015 more info
(Additional athlete clinics are not CPE approved.)

2015 National Congress, Indianapolis, Aug. 13-16

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USA Gymnastics Code of Ethics

Under the NAWGJ Code of Professional Responsibility:

• A judge should not solicit meets for herself/himself or for others.
• A judge should assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the profession of judging women’s gymnastic events.
• A judge should assist the Association in fulfilling its duty to make judges for women’s gymnastics events available.
• A judge shall be completely unbiased.
• A judge should not give any appearance of any particular friendship with any coach or competitor.
• A judge should not become intimate with coaches or affiliates of teams or contestants who she/he may later be called upon to judge.
• A judge shall not use her/his position to endeavor to influence or attempt to influence anyone in any manner whatsoever, or to obtain any special advantage for herself/himself by reasons of or as consequence or her/his being a judge.




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