R&P Pg 36: Judges are not allowed to accept gifts... unless the gift does not exceed a retail value of $20.00.

12-15-14 New updated XCEL FAQ's

Mileage $.57 1-1-2015

Two new important NCAA updates -
read more

NAWGJ 2014 DVD Scripts - for all levels (From National Office.)

Judges Fee Schedule 2014-'15

Updated USA Gymnastics XCEL Code of Points Pages
XCEL Floor - Order Matters

Errata Compulsories - updated Sept 18

9-16-14: The update for iBooks - J.O. Optional Code of Points will be coming soon....

2013-17 Code of Points Errata (updated 9/5/14)
Women's JO Code of Points Updates (updated 9/5/14)

Compulsory Book updated pages

Your tablet app of the Compulsory Book has been updated. (update your ipad/tablet app.)


Women’s Program Committee Minutes, August 23, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA

Women’s Administrative Committee Meeting, August 22, 2014

National Xcel Committee Meeting 8/22/14, Pittsburgh, PA.

Xcel Committee Meeting Minutes 5/29/14

Joint Meeting Junior Olympic and Tech Comm Minutes May 2014

Women's Technical Committie Meeting Minutes: Nov. 1-3, 2013

Additional Optional/Compulsory Deductions:

Landings: Staggered feet - up to .1
Landing with feet wider than hip-width apart .1
Clarification: If gymnast lands with feet a max of hip-width apart, no deduction provided that she slides the heels together.
If entire foot/feet slides or lifted - it is a step.

Background Check Q&A

R&P Coaches and Judges Specific Responsibilities

WA XCEL updates

USAG Washington State Awards Winners

USAG WA Hall of Fame Inductees

USAG WA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

DEC. 16, 2014 - Happy Hanukkah / Merry Christmas

New updated XCEL FAQ's

NOTICE: Flip Factory Gymnastics is looking for 4 more judges for their Monkey Madness meet in Hayden, Idaho on Saturday February 14th. Contact lbjella@icloud.com

Attention Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Judges and Meet Directors: Effective January 1, 2015, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $.57 per mile to reflect the recent increase in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2015.

12-14-14 Two new important NCAA updates - read more


We had a fantastic and fun Holiday Express/ NAWGJ WA Judges Open this past weekend - thanks so much to Metropolitan Gymnastics for their great facility and the festive atmosphere!

Their generosity to WA judges is what helps keep our chapter of NAWGJ functioning! (Along with Gym East and the Candy Corn meet.) Thank them! We also thank all our volunteers and clubs who attended the meet.

(We are so glad to have Chrystal Lofton back in WA - cute outfit. We also had judges who are testing up get in a bit of practice judging with Patty Ames.)







W200: Development Coached Course Hands-on Training - January 25, 2015: 10:00am-5:00pm at NWA. register here




Dawn Kiss at Fall State

Thanks GYMNASTICS EAST for hosting a fantastic Fall State Meet! Results
Congrats to Team Champs:
Level 3: 1) Gym East; 2) Eastside; 3) Black Hills
Level 4
Level 5






Please pray for Marlene Cervantes, Black Hills gymnast - diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), last Friday - and she began chemo on Monday. Please send checks - made out to:
Luis Cervantes,
c/o Black Hills Gymnastics, 7961 A 29th Ave. NW, Lacey, WA, 98516
She will be in the hospital for 8 days, and then the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle for 8-12 months.

Scott and P.J. Slater have created study flashcards for smart phones -
read more

Another interesting website: The Hybrid Perspective: Linking Gymnastics and Physical Therapy ( http://www.hybridperspective.com/ )

Request hard copy of R&P - email mgault@usagym.org
- include your name, member number and address.

"Good Luck" and best wishes to Dr. Josh Eldridge and his family as they move to Fort Benning, GA. Josh will be a Dept. of the Army Chiropractor at Fort Benning. He will continue with his work with www.gymnastcare.com and helping gymnasts. Thank you, Dr. Josh - for your commitment to our sport and to our country. Hooah!


National Technical Committee minutes from Oct. 24-26, 2014

2014-15 Rules & Policies - Updated

11-17-14 We welcome Priscilla Hickey back to WA!! Welcome back home Priscilla. We also want to extend a warm welcome to Wendy St. Claire who has moved here from CA.

NOTICE: renew your membership - all memberships must have a renewal date of July 31 starting in 2015. If your renewal date is anything other than 7/31 now, you are eligible to pro-rate the remaining months of your membership by sending a check or money order to NAWGJ Vice President Mary Lee Martin (10305 Chapala Place NE, Albuquerque NM 87111).

The pro-rate chart can be found on this link http://www.nawgj.org/Pro%20Rating%20Info%20update%20Black.pdf
You can not pro-rate online.

For online renewal: http://naow3gj.wildapricot.org/

NAWGJ 2014 DVD Scripts - for all levels (From National Office.)
Suggestion: Watch Compulsory Floor and Beam routines once through just training yourself to see rights and lefts. Level 3 Beam has reversals and omitting of pivot turns. (Half the element for reversals; omission is twice the value.) Watch Floor for reversal of leaps - that is a .3 deduction.

R&P Chapter 5 Pages 40-41 - Click to read more and to close
USA Gymnastics Judge's Compensation Package

F. Cancellation
2. Failure to comply with the contractual agreement will result in the following:

a. On the Meet Director’s part:
1) A minimum of 14 days’ notice is required for amendments or cancellation of officials. If cancellation of officials occurs less than fourteen days prior to the meet and the officials are not re-assigned to another competition, the Meet Director is responsible for payment of 2 hours honorarium per judge and any non-refundable expenses incurred.

Meet directors don’t have to have the sessions set 14 days out. In most cases, the meet director should know how many judges if he/she will need with just 14 days to go until the event. The meet director can move sessions around as needed inside the 14 day window with no penalty. This applies in the case where the meet director cancels a judge for the entire event or vice versa inside the 14 day window.)

2) Regardless of the timing of the cancellation of the meet, if the judge has purchased a nonrefundable airline ticket, the meet director is responsible for reimbursing the judge for the “change fee” charged by the airlines to use the ticket for a future flight. In order to receive future credit for the cancelled flight, the judge must contact the airlines PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE to cancel the originating flight and must rebook a flight within one year of the DATE OF ISSUE of the original ticket by providing the ticket number. If the ticket is not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, it becomes null and void.

b. On the Judges’ Part
1) If a judge is unable to fulfill a contract due to personal reasons, she is obligated to contact the assignor to determine which officials may still be available and call a proper replacement. If she fails to contact the assignor or does not give a minimum of 14 days’ notice to the assignor and/or the Meet Director, a penalty of 2 hours honorarium and any non-refundable expenses incurred by the Meet Director will be paid to the Meet Director by the judge.

2) Regardless of the timing of the cancellation on the part of the judge, if the Meet Director has purchased a non-refundable airline ticket, the judge is obligated to contact the airlines PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE to cancel the originating flight and to then reimburse the Meet Director for the cost of the ticket. The judge is then able to use the credit (minus a “change fee”) to purchase another airline ticket for themselves within one year from the DATE OF ISSUEof the original ticket by providing the ticket number. If the ticket is not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, it becomes null and void.

FYI - there is a cool app -Tiny Scan - for your smartphone - it is free and it lets you take a photo of a document, and it changes it to a pdf that you can email.

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Dealing With Difficult People - Denise's National Symposium Presentation.

Aug. 28: Very cool website that has films of elements in the FIG code of points -not USA Gymnastics, but it's great to see skills as they are done by gymnasts, not just the little drawings - www.codeofpoints.com
(Thanks to Janette Doucette for the info!)

Interesting website - latest article: 20 Thoughts That go Through Your Head Before a Gymnastics Meet: Parent, Gymnast, Coach, Judge and Meet Director Perspectives

Aug. 27: Read about former UW gymnast Emily Pritchard Carothers and her successes as a CrossFit Athlete: read more

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Former and Current NAWGJ WA State Governing Board members - please download this form and send to Denise/Lee. email

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Notes from J.O. Update presented by Connie Maloney at the State Clinic. click to open and close

Judges: all per diem is now listed as taxable income. You would need to keep receipts in order to claim per diem on your income tax return.

Gifts for judges may now be given - $20 limit.

R&P - Coach must act in a manner that reasonably ensures the safety of an athlete. A judge cannot say -I won't judge a scary vault - a coach needs to go to the Meet Director and do a Jury of Appeals.

Music: Coach must take an iPad or iPod off shuffle and put on airplane mode. Coach cannot use the excuse of ringing or pinging of the iPad or iPod for a re-do of routine.

Nationals - added more age divisions and they will eliminate the NIT. Pending- adding more age divisions to Westerns.

New moves:
Dunn 1:311 FX - Sheep jump with 1/1 turn.
Jones 8.503 (WA) FX - 1½ twisting double salto backward tucked (Congrats to Shilese Jones, AGC!!)
Whitney 1.405 Beam Mount- Split leap forward with leg change (180° leg separation) to cross split sit position, no hand support.
Marinez 7.403 Beam -Side aerial, swing back (free) leg forward-upward to a stand on one foot with the leg held above 140° with the hand.

Women's Program Technical Committee Meeting Minutes May, 2014

At State Meets and above, judges will be paid from the start of the judge's meeting time.

Clarified: Angle of Repulsion Level 4/5 Handspring Vault and all Level 6/7 vaults - body part the furthest past vertical.

NOTE: NEW! Level 6 Bars The 3,6,7 MUST be a clear circling element.

NEW Bars Composition Change: For Levels 9 and 10 - the Direction deduction - gymnast may now do a 1/2 turn and 360° turn for no direction deduction. The 360° now counts as one of the turns. If both elements are 360° = .05 ded.

Bars Level 9 and 10 at STATE and above - 2.5 min per athlete - warm up.

Judges will be getting a slight pay raise this year.

6-16-14 Message from your co-SJD's: NAWGJ’s main function is to educate judges. click here to open and close

In Washington State, 13 new judges have been added to the judge’s ranks in the past year. NAWGJ WA has worked very hard in the training and support of these new judges, and the continued education and advancement of all judges in this state. Considerable funds have been spent on clinic registrations, book reimbursements and the purchase of all levels of DVD’s for WA judges. Group rate opportunities for state clinics, Symposium and Region 2 Congress. Many opportunities have been supplied for mentoring and practice judging and real time judging assignments for WA judges. The nawgjwa.com website is full of information for training and aiding judges. Some judges have opened their homes for study sessions on both the East and West sides of WA, and for housing judges from the East who have repeatedly come to the West to go to clinics, volunteer at meets and to attend practice sessions. The training of judges is an ongoing effort. We want to thank our out-going board for their hard work and dedication and to many other judges in our state who spend time helping other judges to prepare for testing and help with practice judging and for everyone who has volunteered so much of their time. Everyone helping everyone else to be the best that they can be.
Lee and Denise

WASHINGTON GYMNASTICS HISTORY: PLEASE SEND ANY INFORMATION (men's or women's gymnastics) that you feel would be of value to this project to Lee
Or click here to fill out an online form.

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NAWGJ WA - winner of 2009 NAWGJ Nettie Award


Upcoming Events - 2014

Jan. 23, Auburn

NAWGJ Region 2 Symposium - NEW info: -moved to June 19-22 in conjunction with Reg. 2 Congress. MAC

WA State Clinic July 10th-12th 2015

2015 National Congress, Indianapolis, Aug. 13-16

USA Gymnastics Code of Ethics

Under the NAWGJ Code of Professional Responsibility:

• A judge should not solicit meets for herself/himself or for others.
• A judge should assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the profession of judging women’s gymnastic events.
• A judge should assist the Association in fulfilling its duty to make judges for women’s gymnastics events available.
• A judge shall be completely unbiased.
• A judge should not give any appearance of any particular friendship with any coach or competitor.
• A judge should not become intimate with coaches or affiliates of teams or contestants who she/he may later be called upon to judge.
• A judge shall not use her/his position to endeavor to influence or attempt to influence anyone in any manner whatsoever, or to obtain any special advantage for herself/himself by reasons of or as consequence or her/his being a judge.




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