2014-2015 Calendar

USAG WA / NAWGJ WA joint Calendar of all events and meets


Clinics will now be listed on this calendar page - and also the monthy calendar located above.

Educational Online course- offered by USA Gymnastics - 1 CPE credit
J311 Beginning Optional Skill Evaluation: Uneven Bars is a video online course. read more

Opportunities for CPE credit - Patty Ames is our CPE Coordinator

(NOTE: NJC in Jan. is the only meet that you may earn CPE credit for judging for the National/Brevet form.)

June 30

CPE - Annual CPE Record Form due June 30

July 11-13

USAG STATE Congress (clinic) - CPE approved.
Check the www.usagwa.com website - State Clinic link

July 18-20

NAWGJ National Symposium, Atlanta, GA

Aug. 8-10

USAG Reg 2 Congress, Naydenov's, Vancouver, WA

August 21-24

USAG Congress, Pittsburgh, with US Championships

Friday, Sept. 26 thru Sunday Sept. 28th.

JUDGES VIDEO Practice Judging: Spokane, Tracy Duncan's house

Oct. 11-12

Candy Corn - NAWGJWA fundraiser, Compulsory Meet with Tom Koll, CPE approved - great place to brush up on the compulsories and to practice judge. CPE approved.

Nov. 1-2

Super Camps
North Camp: Emerald City Gymnastics
South Camp: Oregon Gymnastics Academy
CPE approved.

Nov 14-15

Hot Shots Camp - Metropolitan Gymnastics, Kent, WA

Nov 15-16

High Tec - Metropolitan Gymnastics, Kent, WA
CPE approved.

Dec. 6 -7

Fall State Meet - Gym East Host

Dec. 13-15

(This is one of our fund raisers - no CPE credit, but good place to practice judge if you are not assigned.)





National Judges Cup

Jan. 9-11, 2015 Montgomery, AL
Jan. of 2016 Covington, KY

Feb. 21

High School State Gym Meet

March 21

NCAA Conference Meets: PAC-12 @ ASU

March 27-29

Optional State: Metropollitan Gymnastics: Everett Community College

April 4

NCAA Regionals

April 5


April 11-12

Level 2-5 Sectionals

April 17-19

Level 8-10 Regionals hosted by Emerald City Gymnastics

April 17-19

NCAA Nationals

April 24-26

XCEL State: host: Northwest Aerials: Everett Community College

May 1-3

Level 3-5 State Meet: host: Auburn

May 8-10

Westerns - Spokane Convention Center


Level 10 Nationals

May 22-24

NAWGJ Region 2 Symposium -moved to June 12-14 in conjunction with Reg. 2 Congress. MAC

June 19-22

July 10th-12th

Aug. 13-16

2015 Region 2 Congress, MAC Club NAWGJ Region 2 Symposium -moved to June 12-14 in conjunction with Reg. 2 Congress.

2015 WA State Clinic

2015 National Congress, Indianapolis



National Judges Cup- Jan. of 2016 Covington, KY
Optional State: March 18-20, 2016; March 17-19, 2017
Regionals: April 8-1, 2016; April 7-9, 2017
Westerns: April 28-May 1, 2016; April 27-30, 2017
Nationals: May 5-8, 2016; May 4-7, 2017

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