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9-16-14: The update for iBooks - J.O. Optional Code of Points will be coming soon....

2014 Women’s Program Committee Minutes, August 23, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA

Women’s Administrative Committee Meeting, August 22, 2014

2014 National Xcel Committee Meeting 8/22/14, Pittsburgh, PA.

Women's Program Technical Committee Meeting Minutes May, 2014

Interesting topic - Combating Achilles Tears In Gymnastics (Pt 1)
Combating Achilles Tears (Pt 2)

USA Gymnastics Technique Magazines


Women's Technical Committie Meeting Minutes: Nov. 1-3, 2013

J311 - Beginning Optional Skill Evaluation: Uneven Bars
The J311 course is a one hour online video course. It provides examples of beginning optional uneven bar skills with the Women's Technical Committee evaluation of these skills. Judges can earn one CPE credit with this course!

Compulsory errata - Oct. 15 - click here

USAG 2013-2014 Rules and Policies - click here

Composition Deductions - Connie Maloney - notes from USAG WA State Clinic 7-28-2013

Technical, J.O. and Xcel Committee minutes from May and June, 2013 read more

Combined USAG Committee Meeting Minutes May 2013-pertinent to judges (L.B.)

2013-2017 Code Errata

The Structure and Mobility chart for the Women’s Junior Olympic Program for entering the 2013-2014 season


VIDEO Switch Leap to Tour Jete Full watch

VIDEO Switch Leap Full vs Tour Jete Half watch and practice judge!

Watch videos of new moves: Rowe, Kmieciak, Sims, Jarred, Medvitz

Artistry and Flexibility? Watch this!

sickle footNow there's a real sickle foot problem. Anyone
recognize what this is? Come on Huskies...think!

Two newly named vaults have been identified: the Fall On-Fall Off, and the Tanac...(thanks Judy and Chris)


Thanks to Boise State and photographer Brent Keeth (Flex Photography for the 2004 picture of Lindsay Ward doing a sheep jump on beam. Yes, this is what a sheep jump is supposed to look like.




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